Ma.K Polar Bear Tutorial Full Step by Step on Painting and Weathering

Hi guys, calling my Ma.K Polar Bear done now that he has some groundwork. 

Really fun project, experimented with lots of new things, layering them over the old to make something new again!

First time to combine Lacquers with Acrylics. I really like how that turned out and will add more and more acrylics into my processes again.

Full Length Tutorial covering these steps is up now;

  1. Mr Color Lacquer Base
  2. AMMO by Mig Acrylics Camo
  3. AMMO by Mig “Washable White”
  4. Filters - Oilbrushers Vs Tube Oil Paints
  5. Tube Oil Palette Preparation and Mistakes
  6. Strategic Oil Dot Technique
  7. Oils for Environmental Weathering
  8. Weathering the Leg and Ankle Pipes

Really hope you like this one and that it helps you out on your next projects, be they Ma.K, Star Wars, 40k or even Gunpla!

Do watch to the end for bloopers :D

Thanks always for you support!

Polar Bear Extended Cut_Thumb.jpg

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