Bandai Star Wars Models K2SO Custom Paint Guide by Lincoln Wright

Hi guys!

My Bandai Star Wars Models K2SO Custom Paint Guide is up and ready to go!

It took a little time but simply put, I've worked very hard on this one and wanted to make it as high quality, helpful and informative as I can at this stage of my video production skills. 

Your reaction and feedback to the Ma.K Polar Bear Build Hacks and Tips inspired me to improve my videos and make the best possible content I can for you - really hope you enjoy this one!

K2SO Custom Paint Guide Steps

  1. Setting up for Airbrush Work
  2. Priming with a Spray Can
  3. Airbrushing Mr Color Character White 
  4. Airbrushing AMMO by Mig Orange
  5. Detail Painting with Gundam Colour MS Grey
  6. Detail Painting with AMMO by Mig Acrylics
  7. Decals Made Easy
  8. As always, please let me know your thoughts and comments and I can incorporate them as possible into future videos.

Also a big welcome to all the new folks supporting us and thank you!! 

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