Bandai StarWars Model Kits K2SO Custom Groundwork Showcase is Ready!

Hi folks and a big welcome to the new members of our community!

Here he is, K2SO as a support droid for a hard working Stormtrooper team on Tatooine, scouting Mos Eisly looking for a couple of lost droids...

Finished the custom made groundwork - full scatchbuild and paint! I feel it really adds a great deal to the presentation and narrative. 

It took a little time but wow, it is worth it!

Thank you for allowing me to focus on this for you or it would not have been created, I feel like we just did something pretty cool. :)

Full step by step Tutorials for Making and Painting the Base as well as Advanced Weathering for K2SO are available to my awesome supporters.

K2SO Base and Groundwork Build 


K2SO Advanced Weathering

Next, we are currently doing a Warhammer 40K Group Build in our PoP Facebook Group;

Details Here!

Thanks a bunch guys, I'll have the Base Paint Tutorial up shortly!