Top 5 Ways to CRUSH your WIP!! LIVEstream with Linc!

Hey guys,

Happy weekend!! Hope you've got cool stuff on?

Special heads up and personal invitation. 

In my quest to proved more fun, value and hijinks for everyone I'd like to experiment with this format of LIVEstream in our PoP Facebook group too. 

Better make this disclaimer and note first!

Please note - if you aren't on FB and don't want to be - you won't miss out! If the content is good and useful as judged by the feedback and comments, I will do a recorded and edited version for YouTube too. 

Time will be the usual that we've been using for PoP LIVEstreams, my local 8am AEST. 

Theme for this one is;

"Not getting enough comments or reactions on your latest WIP? Uncle Linc feels your pain and will share his Top 5 Hacks for Gettin' More WIP Love!!"

After we wrap it up, I'l be available on our Supporter only Discord Voice chat for a Hangout and catch up. 

To access this one, you'll need to be a member here;

Let's make it a fun one!