Discord Voice Hangout this weekend!


Hey Brobots - Discord Voice Hangout this coming weekend!

What is it?

We have an integration with the Discord app - https://discordapp.com - and a dedicated, private server just for us with Paint on Plastic. Please just login with the same email that you use for Patreon and you will automatically added, look for Winston the PoP Pooch in the top left corner. 

It's a text, file and voice enabled app that allows us to speak in real time and we have LOADS of fun. You can also just lurk and listen in, it would be like a private Podcast that you can interact with in the chat section.

Sounds cool? It is!

Time - Sun Dec 16 at 8am AEST GMT/UTC +10

Not too late for our mates overseas and not too early for those of us in AUS and APAC.


You've asked and I'll share! What's the relationship between Nitto, WAVE and Hasegawa with the Ma.K kits?

Aiming for 1hr in length and we can also use this chance to go over some of our projects and bounce ideas, techniques and product usage for next stages. We can share photos of our WIPs in the main chat whilst discussing them in voice. 

It's a great chance to get live feedback with me personally but also tap into our amazing Paint on Plastic Community Hivemind!

Talk soon!


BLOGLincoln WrightDiscord