Heya Brobots!

Here's some bonus content for you, on top of the 2 tutorials coming. It's Christmas and I thought this might be fun for you over the holidays.

Whilst working on the past couple of models I've kept thinking to myself and even said it out loud whilst recording this footage, "some of this would work really well as a Livestream!". Combining this idea with the fact that a number of you have asked for, Livestreams, straight unedited content in real time and something to listen to whilst you yourself are working AND some long form videos, I thought this could be something to test out as a best of all world combination.

This step of blocking in initial colours by paint brush feels easy and relaxing - I didn't feel overly taxed mentally whilst working so I could talk. Way more than I usually do! Yes, that's a great deal, I'm laughing too. As I was viewing this with an eye to trim it down for a more concise tutorial video I realised that it's both quite entertaining and somewhat different, so decided to offer it to you as a bonus release whilst working on the next 2 videos.

Yes is is still edited and balanced so is much higher quality than an actual livestream and was a whopping file at 6.5GB. Currently, technical challenges won't allow me to bring you a Livestream of this quality so this is very close to it.

There are some insights, comments and anecdotes that otherwise would not make it into my standard content plus it's a little like our Discord Hangouts which are becoming increasingly popular. I also mention some industry insights that I don't think should be public so this one is exclusive to my Brobot Supporters.

Please let me know your thoughts and reactions to this share. I'm happy to adjust to everything from "NEVER do that again!" all the way to "hey, I love this style, make more like this!!".

For myself, I actually had quite a few laughs whilst watching through and felt it was like sitting down at the bench with Linc and doing a personal coaching session. Very free and in real time.

Thanks again, more soon!


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