How to Airbrush Warhammer 40k Minis White Tau Empire by Lincoln Wright

Heya folks!

Painting little stompy robots with an airbrush! Whaaaaat!?!

Yes, it's KERAZY isn't it? Hand paint large robot models and airbrush little ones. :D

Big thanks to my buddy and long term supporter Marc B who introduced me to the work of Angel Giraldez. We visited Marc in Sydney and he showed me the 2 books by Angel and I was blown away! Being deeply involved in the Japan mecha scene, I will humbly admit that I was quite clueless the developments of technique and style that have happened in the outside world. 

Even though I have only flicked through the books, they made quite an impact and I'd really like to get copies of them to study further. I'd also had the idea in the back of my mind for 18mths now and once I received the 0.2mm airbrush to "review" (he he, use the heck out of!) I decided it was time to test it out!

So this is a first in many regards and very much an experiment that I'm excited to share with you. The overall finish is great and despite being my first small miniatures in a decade, I'm most pleased with them and hope the lessons I've learned and share in this short series of 3 videos will be super useful for you too in your painting journey.

Many thanks as always!