MK44 AMMOknight 02 Strategic Oil dot Technique with Lincoln Wright

My first attempt at a Weathering Masterclass Series of videos, this episode focussing on the Strategic Oil dot Technique on the MK44 AMMOknight from the Maschinen Krieger property.

Heya Brobots, welcome to my take on the Strategic Oil Dot Technique, this time on a MK44 AMMOknight from the Maschinen Krieger property. Also a warm welcome to our new supporters - thank you!

Don’t worry if this isn’t your particular thing, it’s a brilliant canvas to really show off this technique with it’s broad surfaces and for those of you that asked me about the weathering steps on the Grimoire, this was one of them.

It’s a very useful technique to apply to medium to large models and miniatures and helps to augment our finish and improve subtle variations to create loads of interest.

Today’s video is an exclusive to Patreon, I don’t have plans to release this one to YouTube so have kept it a little more relaxed and in real time to give the subject some room to breath and to hopefully help it feel like we are sitting down together to work on this.

As always, if you have any questions, please hit me up in the Patreon app or in our Discord chatroom here connected our Patreon membership site.