Advanced Chipping Tutorial for Maschinen Krieger MK44 AMMOknight with Lincoln Wright

Heya Brobots,

Welcome to what I feel is my best effort yet on reaching my ultimate goal of showing you exactly how I produce the finish on my models. Coming up on 2 Years of making videos has given me the confidence to go deeper into the techniques and strategies I use so if I may be so bold, I’d like to call today’s video my first attempt at a Master Class Level of depth, on Chipping for a Maschinen Krieger model, in this case the MK44 AMMOknight.

Today I’d like to share One Chapter of my Premium Content with you, for free, and you can view the remaining chapters on here if you are interested;

I’d like to make mention that this would not have been possible without you - your support empowers me to take on new projects. The more support, the bigger the project I can challenge!

More soon, thanks as always!