Kaizen and the Life of Constant Learning and Improvement with Plastic Space Men.

This is a kind of side thing of mine but as you many folks seem to enjoy my philosophy on model making, this is actually part of it and a wonderful window into how I am still to keep improving from model to model - I’ve embraced a life of “kaizen”, a life of constant learning.

It’s not my idea of course, I’ve been extremely fortunate with opportunities. Growing up in Japan, exposure to world class mentors and and working as a full time creator has given me extraordinary insights. But they weren’t by chance, each could also be said are due to hard work, diligence and preparation. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

As part of this, I do watch a lot of self-improvement content on YouTube along with modelmaking and other entertainment and stumbled across this video and felt it worth sharing. I do happen to follow many of these things personally, such as reading for 1 to 2 hours a day, walking in the afternoons to think on my days creative work and spending long periods of time in contemplative deep work rather than working via rote, automatically. I try to make each new project unique and different. Does it take me longer to finish things, yes it does! But each finished project feels like a one off and I try to test and experiment with at least a handful of new ideas, processes and a product or tow.

Here’s a video on youtube I stumbled across - please be clear this is not mine and simply a share - and really believe in the content and processes outlined and wanted to share with you, hope it’s useful and inspiring for you too.