Best find ever - My Old Maschinen Krieger Ma.K WIP Archives!!!

So excited to share, I’ve discovered my old WIP archives!!!

The silver lining in my laptop giving up after 2 years of hard duty rendering videos has been found. Thanks to my amazing supporters on my membership and crowdfunding site on Patreon, I was able to upgrade my workstation to a low end iMac which has made editing and rendering video a joy!

But wait, there’s more!

After a full day filling and painting miniatures for an upcoming tutorial, I wanted to share some WIP shots of the recent Nightstalker AFS share I made recently. This one;

The other day in discovering this gallery shots I noticed I had almost 300 WIP photos going over all aspects of the build; construction, modifications and build tips and planned to share them here on this blog but then I spotted a folder heading and instantly realised why I hadn’t found it for some years;


Yes, because the systems I am working on now are English OS, they weren’t finding “HobbyJapanLinc-sama_Master” because as you can see, it’s in Japanese.

Not putting it lightly, from my point of view it’s a veritable treasure trove of highly detailed WIP shots of many of my best and most innovative Maschinen Krieger builds, paint finishes and weathering steps from when I was making models for the Ma.K Studio and Hobby Japan.

Aided by these WIPs, I feel now even more fully empowered to bring them to you in a more accessible and entertaining format, video tutorials.

Here’s a very brief glimpse of some photos I grabbed in a panic, there’s thousands of them!! Huge models done in a matter of days using paint cans and brushes, classic paint and weathering products, complicit groundwork and all with products and steps fully documented. I’ve got to hand it to myself; I really did a great job capturing all the steps and knew it would be useful - at the time I knew any project could be developed into a larger article at Hobby Japan and needed to be prepared but little did I know that years later, I would have the opportunity to bring this to you directly!

Yes they are a little retro looking and taken by old technology but personally I also feel that adds to the charm, they feel like my very own “historical documents” and I am so excited to bring these back to life once again!

Please stay tuned for more on this and in the meantime, I do have a number of current, state of the art and my best work so far full length tutorials to watch now. If you enjoy my work, want to see more and are happy to help crowdfund, then please join me below.