How to use Oilbrushers: CONFESSIONS from a Oil Paint Fan! PoP LIVE 13

Hello folks!!

Really sorry if you were standing by this morning at the usual time for the LIVE - I just couldn't get it to work! Still don't understand the challenge, set it up 3 times and the App crashed each time on me.

Really don't want to antagonise you, it's like holding out ice cream for a lick and pulling it back - PSYCH!! It's just not cool. So as a back up, I tested out the LIVE function in our Facebook PoP Group.

One downside I have found with Facebook Group videos is that I don't seem to be able to find a link to share out - I think that is part of Groups and their privacy settings. Anyway, if you are interested, it's also in there and you can scroll down it's still quite high.

If you are looking to get a set of these, I am talking with my mates at HobbyCo about a Starter Pack and asking for a discount for PoP folks - will keep you in the loop in that and naturally give my awesome Supporters First Dibs!

Last and certainly not least, a big welcome to the new people to our PoP Community here and just in case you haven't spotted it yet, you have Discord access as part of your Pledge along with me eternal gratitude. Just log in with the same email you use here to and you can see the PoP Dog "Winston" on your top left, that's us. It's Patron only so the quality and hilarity is high. Very high!

If you'd like to Support us and get access to all this cool stuff and join our community, please do visit here and check it out;

Thanks guys, talk soon!