Warhammer Weathering Effect: Oilbrushers of AMMO by Mig Jimenez Tau Ghostkeel by Lincoln Wright

Warhammer Weathering Effects: This is my Oilbrushers test shot video! With Japanese Subtitles 日本語字幕!

It was loads of fun to experiment with Oilbrushers - New Paints!!

Very happy to share too because I believe these are quite interesting paints and a worthwhile addition to the toolkit.

Please keep in mind that this one is not a Tutorial as it's the first time to use them. You can however follow these steps yourself and get excellent results too.

I test a number of ways to use them;
* Using the Precision Applicator for detail work
* Using Oil Brushes for Washes and Filters
* Testing Oilbrushers "neat", with no thinner
* Recovering from Oilbrushers mistakes - includes Stinky Linc Blooper footage of me messing up and then fixing it!

Hope you enjoy this one, please let me know if you have any questions and I'll do another detailed Tutorial on using Oilbrushers specifically for Weathering Steps very soon!

Very special thanks to the team at AMMO for asking me to collaborate on this video which can also be seen on their offical channel here, please also subscribe to them!


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