How to thin yellow lacquer paints for airbrush use, Mr Color and Gaia Notes!

Painting Yellow!! This will be Part 1 with putting them to work in Part 2. 

Here I do a quick walk through of how I set myself up to airbrush yellow lacquer paints for a Warhammer 40000 model. 

I asked in the PoP Facebook Group, "Would you guys be interested in a very short tutorial on how to thin lacquer paint for airbrushing?" 

The answer was a very strong "YES!"

So here it is!!

Pre-thinned paints are super convenient but we do pay extra for it and it keeps us noobs because we don't learn how to do it ourselves. 

Modern conveniences are wonderful but I think it's also important that we share the know-how and develop skills on how to do things for ourselves as well. 

For larger scale projects like this Ork Warzbom Blastajet, it's much more economical for us to Pre-Mix our own AND control that mix for the right results too. 

Next, we are currently doing a Warhammer 40K Group Build in our PoP Facebook Group, details here!

Want to Represent? That Paint on Plastic T-Shirt I am wearing is here;

One more technical note - I learned the hard way about pops and plosions during the audio recordings for this video. For the audiophiles, can you pick how it improves in the last sections of the video, around the mention of the PoP Group Build? 

HUGE thanks to PoP Community Member Dave McGowan for quickly chiming in with his professional advice on how to fix it. I immediately took that on board and believe we are on the way to much better sounding videos. Cheers for that mate!!

Thanks a bunch guys, hope you like it!