Bandai Pacific Rim 2 Gipsy Avenger Metallic Version HG Showcase with Lincoln Wright.

Limited Color Metallic Version HG Gypsy Avenger DX Set.

Hey guys, hope you had the best weekends and a big welcome to our new supporters - thank you! I'll do a shout out in the next big tutorial video and welcome you all properly. :) 

A pre-release exclusively available from

Limited Color Metallic Version HG Gypsy Avenger DX Set.

Really cool folks, they reached out and asked me to showcase this early for them. Happy to!

We mentioned the good folks of Hobbyco bringing Bandai Pacific Rim kits into Australia for us. Please ask your Local Hobby Shop for your Pacific Rim kits! 

Let's Support Local and Visit them in Sydney in the QVB or online here!

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