Using Madworks Black Putty for fixing Seamlines

My buddy Rhyan San Pedro from Hobbyco in Sydney, Australia mentioned to me one of his favourite putty’s for using with panel line scribing work -which I have a plan to do shortly- is “Black from MadWorks, you gotta check it out Linc!”.

I managed to get a small bottle and couldn’t wait to test it out first on a small seam line I needed to fix up, here’s the package and bottle.

It reminds me of “Kuroi” from WAVE Corporation, a black, volume CA putty and glue that I used in Tokyo many times. Package is amazingly similar. Expecting it to work the same, I went with my old method of putting a few drops onto a plastic lid, doing my part for recycling and it keeps it workable for a good amount of time.

It seems a little thinner and slightly more translucent than WAVE “Kuroi” but otherwise very similar. Tools can be a little difficult to clean if this sets on them, so I like to use toothpicks as an applicator. Coverage is pretty simple, it seems to have a minimum volume that will flow off the toothpick onto the part and that seems just about right to over fine seam lines - easy!

We can instantly spot that it’s indeed a CA - Cyanoacrylate (superglue) based product when we get these white marks on our parts as it dries. I believe this is caused by the glue as a vapour reacting with water in the air, curing and settling on the surface. It’s usually very thin and we can rub it off with our fingers.

I set it aside for 2hrs and came back and it was dry enough to the touch so tested it out with some 400 grit sandpaper and it seems cured. It might actually be faster than 2hrs so I will test that again next time. It does work for this task as a seam filler but it is a little hard, so I believe what Rhyan suggested as a putty to fix scribing mistakes will be spot on. Coolness, I will have to pretend to make some scribing mistakes to test it out now. Kidding, I will making plenty of scribing mistakes for sure!

Last thing, I’ve had good luck storing CA - Cyanoacrylate (superglue) type products in the refrigerator. It’s not important to put them right next to the Bundaberg Diet Sarsaparilla but it tastes much, much better!

Hope that helps!


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