Heya Brobots, let's do this!

Miss you guys, let's catch up this weekend, hope you are available to join. 

Time: Sunday 17th at 8am AEST. (please note that this will be Saturday evening for our Brobots in the US and Europe).

Place: The Paint on Plastic Discord server here;


To get in you will need to be a "Early Brobot" Member or higher and for the price of a fancy latte you can do that here; https://www.patreon.com/join/paintonplastic?

Plus yes, you get all those full tutorial videos first, access to our private chat community, discounts on physical products and warm fuzzies because you are making it all happen instead of selling your eyeballs to FaceTube. :P

Thanks a bunch guys, talk soon!


BLOGLincoln WrightDiscord