Maschinen Krieger Rapoon Night Ops Paint Steps Tutorial with Lincoln Wright

Hi friends, thank you for joining me today I appreciate your time and interest. My first project completed for 2019, it’s a Maschinen Krieger Rapoon with a stealth, Night Ops themed original, custom colorway and scratch built vignette display base. 

For those interested, the full video and the rest of my high quality video tutorials are available here, thank you for your support;

For those of you new to my work, welcome and I hope you like it. My name is Lincoln Wright and I worked as a studio artist for this property in Tokyo along with others for kit makers and hobby publications. I hope to help you with your journey in our craft and empower you with my tutorials. 

Here’s an overview of the steps I cover with you in the full  video;

  1. Build Notes

  2. Airbrushing the Primer

  3. Seam Line Redux

  4. Airbrushing the Base Color

  5. Masking the Camo

  6. Chipping Fluid

  7. Airbrushing the 2nd Color

  8. Activating the Chipping Fluid

  9. Airbrushing Armour Highlights

  10. ID Band Colours

  11. Varnish

  12. Summary 

Hope you enjoyed so far - please let me know what stood out for you and how you might use it yourself. 

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Thanks guys, hope you enjoy the video,