Maschinen Krieger "Night Ops" Rapoon Gallery by Lincoln Wright

Hi folks, Happy New Year and first one finished for 2019 - oh boy I'm, happy with her and believe this should set the tone and level for the year. 

The model is a Ma.K Super Armored Fight Suit Mk.III Recon Type Rapoon, a 1/20 scale plastic model construction kit by WAVE Corporation in Japan. Custom Build, paint, weathering and a scratch built base. 

Harriet Jones, Rapoon Pilot

Wallangarra, January 18th 2884, 4:48am. Mid summer. 

Harriet Jones is lost, tired and desperately thirsty. Separated from her team, the famed Mercenary Forces’ “Phantom Ops” after unexpected heavy enemy contact during the night, Harriet has paused for a moment to pop her suit lid and exchange air.

Despite the sophisticated navigation and long range ELINT packages contained within her sound and heat signature suppressed mobile armoured suit, Harriet is having a tough time picking out physical features in the desolate region, enemy jamming is still in full effect scrambling her compass gear.

Thankfully Harriet was able to find the FOB, Forward Operating Base through dead reckoning and admittedly, a great deal of luck and after the war enjoyed a successful career in politics as Harriet Jones, Prime Minister of the fledgling colony on Neu Earth. 

In depth tutorial videos on paint steps, weathering and painting the figure, face and night vision googles coming next to my Patreon, here!

Thanks for looking, hope you like her. She's also available for sale to a private collector, please reach out to me via email on