Gunpla Tutorial How to hand brush paint the Grimoire Red Beret by Lincoln Wright

How to hand brush paint Gunpla on the Red Beret Grimoire with no airbrush! Presented by Lincoln Wright, Japan Hobby Industry professional modeller. Watch the Exclusive Bonus Content here.

Hey Brobots! Today I’m going to show you how I hand painted my Grimoire Red Beret, over a rattle can primed base. That’s right, I did not use an airbrush at all for this model.

Here are the steps I’ll take you through today, the full, main content is on hand brushing the base and details colours. The bonus content section for my "Brobot Level" supporters is on painting and weathering the backpack, available here.

The backpack is an experimental finish for me and a slightly different style of tutorial in that it’s not as planned nor logical as the first section which I know very well. It’s very spontaneous and in the moment but wow, super happy with it and it turned out well. Will definitely be using some of these processes on a future kit!

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