How to Gunpla Series - How to Remove Nubs and Seam Lines on the Bandai Grimoire Red Beret Build with Lincoln Wright

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Thank you very much always and I hope you enjoy this one!


This videos includes;

Grimoire Build Video

Basic Tools

  • Nub Removal
  • Fixing Seam Lines

Nub Removal

Nipper Strategies

  • Attack the Insertion!
  • Flat Against!
  • The Combo Deal!
  • Death by 2 Cuts!

Sanding Strategies

  • File the Flats
  • Foam the Curves

“That will buff right out!”

  • Using the Daiso emery board

Fixing Seam Lines

  • The Fancy Putty Disaster of 2018!
  • Overnight Success!
  • Getting the Wright Consistency with Finishers Putty
  • My Putty is Too Grippy!?
  • Grip Off!
  • Presenting Nub Man. De-Nubbed!


  • Priming White for Black. Huh!?!