Shizuoka Hobby Show Trip Report and Channel Update with Lincoln Wright

Hey guys, first report up and ready. 

The rest will have a waaaaay shorter monologue, I promise! There is just SO MUCH to catch up and I really needed to share. 

If you'd like to head straight to the trip photo montage, it starts at 15:56.

As much as it looks like a "fun trip" it was work, work and work! I set up an exclusive deal for WAVE products in Australia for one. Full range outside of the licenses we can't get. Yet. Tools and kits, YES! Most excited about the Ma.K and Votom lines. 

I can't share more details than this for the moment, main thing is that if you are in AUS, please ask your local hobby shop to talk with HIMP. 

If you are outside of Australia, please contact me directly for help.

Thanks a bunch guys, very happy to hear your thoughts and comments on this as always.