Now you can #hascredentials too!

The only credentials you’ll ever need, Paint on Plastic: The Shirt. Guaranteed by Lincoln Wright himself to make you a better builder, better painter and infinitely more attractive.* Limited edition, special run.

*Not guaranteed by Lincoln Wright (or anyone else) to do anything except provide partial and temporary protection from nudity. It’s a shirt. Wear it. Look cool.

Hi guys and yes, I had waaaay too much fun working on that! 

It's happening and I'd like to offer this to you cool shirt! 

As a background story on how this happened - AZR is run by a Paint on Plastic Patron Subscriber  (cool right?) who is a big fan of my work. He's a designer and pro in apparel amongst many things and volunteered to help me get started with offering a spot on one of his sites.  

So we can also pay him back by checking out the other AZR shirts. 

Quick note on Sizing. Shirts run a tad small, I'm 5'11'' (180cm) and 180lbs, 82 kgs or so and usually buy M in US sizes but prefer L size in this one.

Thanks very much, really hope you like this and look forward to putting up a PoP Selfie Gallery with our hashtag, #hascredentials , it will be hilarious!!