Gunpla Decal Tutorial; How to Decal Gundam and Maschinen Krieger Ma.K by Lincoln Wright

Gunpla Decal Guide. How to Decal Gundam, Gunpla, Star Wars,  Maschinen Krieger Ma.K Sf3D and other Scale Models.

Includes a Comparison of Mr Mark Setter vs. Micro Sol.

Full Version is available to "The PoP Complete Package!" Members.

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Want to see more of how I did my MK44 AMMOknight Model (shown) so far? Here are some of the processes for making it.

You can see the Tamiya Basic Butty Video on texture here;

Then how I did the Studio Ma.K Base coats with Mr. Color here;

Then the Ma.K Studio way of hand brushing on Freehand Camo here;

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Stinky Linc