Replay Available Now! The PoP Show 06 "Group Build" with Uncle Stinky Linc!

Thanks for joining everyone and wow, you are really making this the highlight of my week! The comments were fast and hilarious!!

Biggest topic was the upcoming Group Build in the PoP Facebook Group, please join us here and mention "saw the PoP Show with Stinky Linc!"

Next, get yourself a Ma.K Polar Bear - I mentioned the place I bought mine and the best deal I found was here;

We mentioned the first Episode of "Discuss Japanese Modelling Books in English", featuring Kow Yokoyama Sensei's Ma.K Modelling Book 2, Introduction and Part 1 for the AMMOKnight. 

Preview here;

We talked about the Decal Videos coming up for my MK44 AMMOknight Model and some of the processes for making it. 

You can see the Tamiya Basic Butty Video we talked about here;

Then how I did the Studio Ma.K Base coats with Mr. Color here;

Then the Ma.K Studio way of hand brushing on Freehand Camo here;

Thanks again for the great show guys and see you again next week, same time and place!