What's in the Box?

A curious box arrived today and what goodies did it contain? 

Uschi Magic!!


It's Uschi!!! 

Tore into the box and grabbed these first because there were shiny! Metal Polishing Powders, Steel, Iron and Chrome. These look ultra cool, so excited to test them out and have EXACTLY the model ready for them - SOON!

Check them out here on the Uschi site.




Next I slid out a nice stack of these Groundwork sheets. They are super high quality, photo realistic bases aimed at Aircraft modellers but I'm thinking I can swing the 1/48 scale into some Mecha action for interesting effects. Keep a look out for more WIP action on these and a video review! 

Check out more information on them here.


Realistic ™ 

Next there's something that will add excellent visual and textural detail to the groundwork, a handy size container with various kinds, colours and sizes of moss and vegetation. I'll admit that this is something that can put me off not doing groundwork, not enough small bits of detail but there is super interesting. I will test this and also see how it looks as is and with some painted for effects and to tie it in.

More information on this available here.