Tau Empire Piranha Weathering!

Hey guys, I was showing a couple of old pics and my Tau Empire "Piranha" was amongst them and it was the one that scored all the Likes and Comments. 

So a little digging in my old files and I found these shots to share with you!

Now it's from an old camera and the photo quality is not up to my 2017 standards but I ran them through Lightroom for you and I think they at least show some process and materials and it's perhaps a scheme I could re-visit for a Video and PDF download tutorial right?

Thanks for looking, happy to hear your thoughts! 

Want to join a really cool group of folks to discuss nifty paint and weathering techniques? 

Come and see what the commotion is about in Paint on Plastic The Group, click buttons to apply. Mention "Tau Empire Piranha" so I know you are coming from here. Thanks!