How to Gunpla: Weathering and Dust with Lincoln Wright

How to Gundam. Weathering and Dust with AMMO by Mig Jimenez paints! Adding detail to Gundam Feet with AMMO Kursk soil, African Dust and Light Dust!

A quick run through of applying some simple earth and dust effects to highlight the dark metallic mecha feet and layer over the top of the acrylic chipping we covered in the previous video.

Sometimes I need to re-remind myself that I am still pretty new to this video making business. Big lesson learned here was not to take too much raw footage and to maybe focus in one just a couple of important/interesting topics for each model and try to cover it in perhaps 3 or less videos. 

How does that sound to you?

Now that this one is done, need to rush (as always!) into a couple of deadline driven, professional models for articles and they should be fun to share and hope you enjoy the insights into the process.

Thanks as always guys!!