Our First Giveaway!

Hi guys, we did it. First Giveaway done!

Really want to take this chance to thank you all for your support but also this time, Tomoe for the really good idea. As always, all the best things I do are ideas from friends and family!

I sold the Lupus to a collector but wasn't really happy with the experience overall. Sure, the money was nice but I felt a little... not quite sure how to explain it, I felt it just disappeared into the unknown!

The client was fine and paid promptly but there was no dialogue. Just a payment through eBay and the address and that's it. I have no idea if Lupus has a good home or if the person really appreciates how different that model is to the usual Gunpla finish. You guys know what I mean right?

This might just be my arty side craving some recognition for my "art" I guess but hey.... that's also who I am!

I was talking with this to Tomoe (my wife) and she very simply said. "Why don't you give it to your Patrons?"

Simple, elegant genius. Of course!! The very people whom appreciate my work and are helping me get to a new level.

So it's done and I feel much, much better about this one. No regrets, in fact, feel quite happy about it.

Just hope the winner is as happy too! :D :D

So... should we do this again?



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