Ma.K Polar Bear Showcase!

Hi folks and a big welcome to the new members of our community!

Finished the Polar Bear this morning and I hope you don't mind me saying - I love this finish but it really took some work - the detail and complexity is quite high. It's a mix of many things I attempted and used this year, all put together into this finish - a Tundra Camo'd Long Range Recon Suit deployed to The Neu Canberra Area of Australia 800 years from now. 

One of the big changes to this finish from my previous Ma.K models is that the camouflage pattern is all done with water based acrylics, hand painted. To my surprise, it really can be done and doesn't look too different from previous models I've done for the Ma.K Studio. It seems it's not the paints!

A Longer Style, Full HD Tutorial are planned for this project. Covering the base colour and painting the camouflage pattern using a combination of Lacquers and Acrylics and then the weathering steps - using Tube Oil Paints.

If you'd like to see more Ma.K goodness, we've been running a Ma.K "Arid" Themed Group Build over in the Paint on Plastic (PoP) Facebook Group for the past 2 mths, finishing up this week. There should be plenty more cool, finished models popping up. 

Please check it out here;

Next, for our new members, please note that you have access to one of the coolest private chat rooms on the planet for these kinds of modelling shenanigans in our PoP Discord chat room all included in your Patreon Pledge! Please be warned, Banter Levels are High! :D

Please use the same email and login to chat with us here;

Thanks again for your support and what a year we've had. I'm rushing to get The tutorial up for you for the Weekend and really should do a 2017 Highlights reel but running out of time, so much to do!

Cheers, talk soon!