How to Ma.K Top 3 Build Hacks for the AFS Polar Bear by Lincoln Wright

Top 3 Studio Ma.K Hacks & Tips for building the AFS Polar Bear.

* Easy Fix for AFS Seam Lines
* Customising the Joints to fix the pose
* Easy AFS Joint Cover hack

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Hi Folks, this is my most ambitious video challenge to date and I hope you enjoy it. Instead of a chronological build which can duplicate many of the same themes and processes, I have worked to put this build project into a series of Tips and Hacks for the A.F.S. Polar Suit to use as a helpful guide for you to use alongside building your own.

This build is now 20 AFS kits for me including many for the Ma.K Studio in Japan and I've made plenty of mistakes, probably ALL of them that we could make on this kit! I am hoping that by watching this, it will help you avoid costly mistakes on a difficult to buy kit and save you time and money in the long run.

Hope it's fun too, I tried to put a couple of gags in there to keep it entertaining. 

Please let me know what you think, either by commenting on the video, in the PoP Facebook Group or in the PoP Discord chat channel, it's really taking off and I'm really enjoying my visits there to chat with you and offer tips and advice. - please use the same email as your Patron account and you should see the PoP Logo in the top left, that's us, come and say "Hi!".



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