Grimgerde Contest Winner! Is it you!?!

Giving Back to those that Support Us!!

Thank you very much to the awesome people that support our Paint on Plastic Patreon Campaign, we smashed our target in September so as a way to Give Back, we decided to Award the Grimgerde to someone doing it right!

A quick word on "why a contest and not a giveaway?". We found out that in some places Social Media "Giveaways" could be considered a "lottery" and a form of unlicensed gambling. Yikes right? So better to take the high road and remain super ethical, we decided to instead to a contest for our Patrons and decide a Winner, solely based on Merit as a Free Bonus. Cool and it even seems more fun!

We plan to run more of these Contests in the future.

For this first Contest, we thought it would be cool to reward one of our Super Supporters. He's very active on the Patreon Page and in our PoP Facebook Group. He has shared our Patreon Campaign around on Social Media many times, cheered us on to reach our goals and is always positive and supportive. He also makes a bunch of cool models and is fun to have around! He mentioned wanting the Grimgerde a couple of times and that he already had a spot picked out for it on his shelf. Very happy to make that happen for him!!

"E", its you Edwin Z. I'll follow up with a PM as well, confirm your address and send this over to you mate!

Hope that's good news for your weekend!

Now... what's next? When and what shall we do for our next Contest...?

More soon and thanks as always,