Tomorrow's PoP 11 LIVE Show - How were the AMMO paints in the Airbrush - Really?

Hi folks!

This week went by in a flash and I managed to test out the AMMO acrylics by Airbrush. There's a short, introduction video coming soon to both the AMMO and Paint on Plastic Youtube channels very soon but first... 

How did Uncle Linc find spraying these paints through his new airbrush kit?

Let's talk through them tomorrow and I will give you my first hand, honest feedback.

This will be a Public LIVESTREAM, on the PoP Youtube Channel.

We will keep the show short again, aiming for a max of 20 mins and then I'll be available to chat, answer questions, tell stories and joke around on our PoP Discord Channel.

If you are a $5 or More Subscriber Patron, you already have access to this as a Free Added Bonus.


If you are having any troubles connecting, let us know and we can help you get connected. 

Look forward to speaking with then!