WAVE Gans Hand Brushed Primer and Base Color

Primer Coat

I've hand brushed the primer this time, 2 quick rounds with a large round brush using 3 main colors somewhat randomly, a custom mix of Mr. Surfacer 500 + Mr. Color Mahogany + Mr. Color Flat Black, then to start the highlights, Mr. Color Propeller Color and Gaia Notes’ Red Brown.

Leaving the surface somewhat mottled is something I intentionally do here. When reading how the top modelers strive for color variance and modulation in their subsequent steps, or after finishing their color coats, I wondered if it could be done right from the beginning and have found it adds an excellent level of randomness and variation before actual color coats are applied.


Color Coats

First main body color is a red primer and I am going with Gaia Notes #222 “Oxide Red”. One thin and quick sketch over all with a large, soft, round brush, very lightly underneath, followed by one more quick sketch over the main and upper facing surfaces and finally a slightly more careful application over only the upper surfaces. Not working the paint much yet, just thin applications.

Lastly I added some Mr. Color Brown, heavily thinned to highlight the Red Oxide.

Thanks for looking, please ask me any questions you might have in the comments below!