Maschinen Krieger Competition Prizes with Lincoln Wright

Maschinen Krieger Ma.K Competition. Join Linc Sensei, the International Maschinen Krieger Ambassador and the Paint on Plastic Community and enter your new Maschinen Krieger project.

Maschinen Krieger Competition

Start: Now!

Finish: October 31st

Prizes: Store Credits from Hobbyco and ACS Brandco plus Ma.K Kits from Linc

Rules: Maschinen Krieger kit, new or partially started. Send a photo of your proposed project start point, kit and any progress, with a hand written, preferably in crayon (bonus points!) note with "Ma.K Competition with Linc Sensei 2019 by Your Name Here" to lincoln at

Please watch the video - 5mins - for all the details on how to enter, what you will win and a quick look at the cool and hilarious entries so far.

Just to be clear, there will be 2 winners at each level, "Gold", "Silver" and "Linc's Choice" so 6 in total, best odds ever to win.

Thanks as always guys, hope you are enjoying this as much as I am. ^^

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