Panel Line Scribing Tutorial by Paint on Plastic with Lincoln Wright

Heya PoP Brobots!

How to Panel Line Re-Scribe Tutorial. Fixing repairing and scribing panel lines and how to use Panel Line Scribing Tools.

The Falke kit is perfect for showing this technical challenge, the Panel Lines are long very complex, organic curves yet accessible due to the 1/20 scale.

Re-scribing Panel Lines on complex, organic curves. So easy! Hehe, not really but this video will help with both a nice short, no fuss intro to Panel Line (re-)Scribing and then some actual studio based on tips on nifty shortcuts and hacks for getting those challenging curves done super fast. 

I'm hoping with so many folks working on Ma.K kits for the competition, this will help those of you both new to fixing seam lines and perhaps suggest some improvements to the intermediate and advanced modellers among us.

Very excited to see further progress on your entries in our Ma.K Competition - it's going to be fun!

Try to pick these tools up at your Local Hobby Store. I buy mine here from Hobbyco;

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