A USA Paint on Plastic Amazon Shop... Really?

A USA Paint on Plastic Amazon Shop... Really?


Heeeeey PoP Brobots, hope you are having the best weekend!! Here's something new I've been working on, an idea kindly shared with me by one of the #PoPbroBotArmy on how to help make sense of the tyranny of choice and provide value for our friends in the USA. Beholden, the power of Amazon!

They now offer an Influencer Program, I applied and was accepted.

With a few clicks, some frowning and head scratching I've been able to make a few idea lists of products and services I genuinely like, own and use.

Ma.K kits for one, painting tools, inspiration and education plus those all important mind expanding yet eye saving Audible read/listens. Those of you that know me more have heard me talk these up both in person and in Discord and I'm seriously a big fan.

If this is of value then by all means I can expand it for you. If you click through and take a look, please do let me know any feedback you have and your general thoughts and I'll do my best to make improvements. To confess it's a little complicated and new for me so there will be some hiccups for sure, I'm expecting that I might have accidentally added non US based products for example... but will learn over time and improve.

Oh and in full transparency, yes I can make money from your purchases from my shop because... errrr... it's a shop! I believe it works on the affiliates program but I can put all my favourite things in one place for you.

By all means, use the list as a starting point and take your shopping list to your local shop whenever you can, it’s important to support our local hobby shops.

Thanks a bunch as always and hope this is cool for you too.



[ Update!

First night was a successful test with our Inner Circle Team on Patreon, thank you very much! Bunch of kits and books purchased, I hope that works well for you. Further testing shows me that as I add new products, that list is rolled to the top and you will see them first. For example, the newly released Ma.K Neuspotter kit is up along with the Ma.K Archive books I worked on with Max as well as the super useful Ma.K Profile books, "Falke" & "Snake Eye". Thanks a bunch as always guys!]