Maschinen Krieger Falke Griffon Unbox Review with Lincoln Wright

Hi Brobots!

Let's get this book project underway. The first victim is this kit - a Ma.K Griffon variant of the Falke. 

Chosen for a handful of reasons, most important of which is nostalgia!

In all seriousness, how could I not kick off with a Ma.K project, the genre that helped me get to where I am today? The owner, Kow Yokoyama Sensei having just promoted me to "International Ambassador" is part of it as is the fact that my book's publisher let me know he's a big fan of the Falke I did for his earlier version of a magazine we collaborated on. 

Putting that all together screams "DO EEEET!!!" even louder than Shia LeBeouf surrounded by flames and huge explosions!

A quick run through of what we get in the box and how the parts can be used to make versions #2 and #3 but not the original, you'll need the original kit with the green Falke on the cover to make that one. 

Short and sweet, let's get started!

Oh and for our Gunpla and Warhammer buddies, yes this finish is still very appropriate and something we could use on a PG or Warhammer large vehicles, for when we need to go really big!

Thanks and more soon,