This is not a bribe! Thank you very much Brobots.

Heya Brobots!

Back from Madman Anime Festival 2019 in Sydney Australia and thanks to Hobbyco and Bandai I've picked up this kit for you and would like to do a "thank you" award. See how I was careful not to call this a "giveaway", because it's not - it's a gift from me to you as a way of thanks! Oh and it's not a bribe! :P

Now I could only afford to get the one as it's an expensive kit and I'd like to give it to one of you to build or just to keep for your collection - no pressure and yes I understand the hobby of collecting somewhat rare kits like this too. 

To let me know you are interested in getting it, could you please reply in the thread below; 

1. What's your favourite Paint on Plastic Video tutorial so far?

2. How has that impacted the way you think about what was shown?

Let's let this run for a couple of weeks to give you all a chance to think about it and reply if you are interested and we can come back and decide.

Thanks as always and I hope this is a fun little side adventure for us and something to chuckle about in the future.

This is open to everyone across all the platforms I use so Iā€™m asking that you reply and show your interest in this thread here please;