Winston The Plucky Underdog who changed Japanese Sci-Fi... well... Just a Bit!

Hey Brobots! Big thanks to my buddy Stephen Neal for the timely heads up that I had shared the Winston T-Shirt on YouTube but not yet here with my awesome supporters - oops!

Back Story - some of you might be aware of the Scale120 Figures I developed from 2012, starting with the first one "Helen". If not, don't worry I will share shortly as I plan to re-release a handful directly to you. They are high quality, 1/20 resin figures to go with your Ma.K projects. I needed a brand and had some ideas and asked my good friend and top designer Jakob Stærmose for help with the logo and he absolutely nailed it! 

"Winston" was born, he's very Maschinen Krieger inspired and as I was writing much of the lore at the time, I could see that my friendly competitor, Brickworks, was producing a great deal of "Strahl" type products and we loosely based them on the Axis Powers of WWII.

Flipping that, as an Aussie, Kow Yokoyama Sensei always joked that I must be an authentic "Merc", who we patterned after the Commonwealth Forces and who start off their battle in Australia. 

In the Ma.K Studio, Winston became my symbol as the plucky underdog from Australia in his battle against the larger established brands, and we changed the course of the "war". Now if you look at the WonderFestival scene in Japan for Ma.K figures there are countless vendors and choice - Winston and some young hardworking Aussie Merc started that off! 

A number of you have mentioned being interested in a Winston T-shirt and here he is! Kept very simple on classic navy and no other branding, Winston is a symbol of the Merc Uprising, the plucky underdog, a movement that continues to this day!

Thanks as always guys, more soon!


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