What's happening in PoP?


Here's a Post I just shared with my awesome supporters on Patreon and thought you might also like to hear about what we are up to and what's available. First of all, my fantastic sponsors and Patrons make this Facebook Group possible. That's Hobbyco here in Australia, AMMO worldwide and the Patron Support Team. Without them I simply could not afford the time and resources to make the content that drives this group nor the time to invest to start and run this group. We'd have to shut it down, oh noes right!?!

So please help us out. Support Local, that's your Local Hobby Store wherever you are, check out the awesome products from AMMO that I use in videos and look into become a Patron Supporter yourself. It's cheap, easy and good! 3 out of 3!




Back to the post!

Hi folks and a big shout out to the new members of the PoP Team, thank you very much for the support and welcome!!

Have never done one of these posts before and thought it was about time - just to keep everyone in the loop and make sure you know that there are a good number of platforms and options for you us to interact and share cool content on.

Patreon keeps going from strength to strength, they even just sent me a message about lowering their fees. Yeah, LOWERING!?! Who does that right? I guess it means they are doing so well they can afford to give even more back to the folks they know are driving this hamster wheel - Content Creators!

One of the most fun integrations they have offered is Discord and we've really jumped on that one. It's one of my most enjoyable visits of the day and there's always really cool stuff happening. WIPs, value added discussion on modelling, products, finishing and industry topics. It's private too and very well behaved.


Just log in with the same email that you use for Patreon and you'll be automatically added to our PoP Server. Easy!

We are also doing a Facebook Group. It's getting a little big - just went past 1,100 people and the volume is quite something but that also serves a purpose. If you guys want exposure, I have invited many of my industry friends to the FB group. They don't post but I can point out ideas, trends and models + modellers to them. So if you are after exposure or want to test what comments your WIP or finished models will get in public yet controlled environment, please take advantage of that.


Last but not least, there is a Private Message function here should you need to reach out to me. I'll often send new people joining a personal message and am always happy to hear from you as well.

Next tup, I'm putting together a "How to Texture the Polar Bear!" video to showcase a 2nd method I've used for doing Studio Ma.K Models.



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