Weathering the Gans!

Decals and ID Band Adjustments, Weathering Start

Added the ID Bands and decals, then painted and highlighted the decals to bring them to some semblance of balance. The yellow is proving to be all powerful and just can’t be stopped. The Nature of this Yellow Paint is Irrepressible! Meh, I can live with it and it might go away. By eye it’s not bad but under the lights, Zowie!

Layered some more dirt and grime to the lower half and undersides. Not sure if I explained or need to but I like the look of vehicles in cold places that accumulate dirt and dust. The winter look I am going for is a dirty winter, there’s no water –it’s frozen, nothing gets washed, dirt and dust is loose and kicks up so I thought I could use it to counter shade the model, if that’s the right term? Make it somewhat bright from underneath as that dark red isn’t going to shade much anyway…


Flat Coat & Weathering Continues

Mr. Super Clear Flat straight from the can and then pinpoint areas of oils, lacquer paints, Mig Pigments and enamel paints.


Further Color Modulation and Weathering with Oils

Next I'd like to try and enhance and add interest with oils. On a surface damp with mineral oil thinner, I’ve worked small amounts of different oil colors in. Reds, Yellows and Buff. It was whilst doing this that I realized my lighting/camera set up is washing the heck out of my colors adding to the “greyish” look of the model.

Hope these aren’t too much a jump or change, I added a warmer overhead light and the color seems more accurate and a great deal warmer. The feet seem to have refelcted a great deal of “red/yellow” light here but once mated with groundwork I can bring them together with pigments. I think…


Even Further Color Modulation and Weathering with Oils and Pigments

Added more oils for shading the model, burnt umber, both brown and green, blue and grey oils and adding some more yellow ochre to the burnt sienna and buff. Using mixed and separately.

Some light pigments were brushed into the feet and lower body, both dry and mixed with mineral spirits and feathered.

No flat coat, raining hard with high humidity so holding off.