WAVE Gans!

WAVE Gans! Originally Posted on February 2, 2009 on Scale120.com

WAVE Gans by Lincoln Wright

Along with Original and New Content I'd like to re-share many of the classic projects from the Scale120 Blog. As I am re-learning my way of making and finishing kits, I am going back into my own archives and have fun a wealth of information, paint recipes and techniques and thought this is a wonderful opportunity to share these with old friends for nostalgia and for new friends whom may not have seen them yet.

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Gans WIP

Yay Nu Gans! Seem to have lost a day of my life yet again, I’ve narrowed it down to either the constant alien abductions or drinking heavily and am pretty sure it’s the first one. For some absurd reason I thought I could get this together in a few days and paint it and put in the web-comp but who am I kidding?

This is my first build of a Gans so all new ground except for the Krote parts which seemed to have become much better fitting than the one I got my hands on that must have been holding up someone’s coffee table for the past 2 decades.

Armed with that experience, a quick read through of the DrunkDog notes and it went together relatively swear word free. Getting the little part next to the engine in correctly was surprising easy this time and I didn’t like the botch job on my Krote…

The instructions are a little on the small side and you need to look carefully in a few of them to not forget parts, and the back shield has a short and long section that is only written in kanji. Will take a photo and make if for you future reference for you guys but it could really go on either way and likely has over the years and we are all still here, no worries.

Construction: Plan was to keep it simple and don’t mess it up.

  1. Added a few gubbins here and there but it already has loads of details built in.
  2. Replaced some of the nuts and bolt heads with Wave/Kotobukiya parts.
  3. Replaced flimsy plastic engine rails with brass rod, included in kit. Cut one to simulate some wear and tear and add interest.
  4. Drilled out a couple of the smoke dischargers and wired them up. No idea if it’s correctly done and don’t really mind, this is how the Strahl do them on late Friday afternoons after being issued with their long weekend beer allowance.
  5. Will add 4 shrecks after painting the insides of the tubes.

I thought about dividing it up into sections to perhaps make it easier to paint but instead put it all together in one hit and will just go at it from there. Simplest of plans! Pipes and all this time. I figure if it’s difficult to paint it’s because it’s difficult to see and I probably shouldn’t be pulling my hair out over it.

This looked a cool robot when I looked at pics but when you actually put one together, it’s more of a “Wow, what a great design!”. The way the shapes and parts work together is really something and so far this is the most amazing of the Maschinen designs for me so far.

Fingers crossed that I can do it justice with a couple of old brushes.