Happy New Year 2019!! Want to kick off with a boost?

Heya Brobots, as the year comes to an end, thank you for sharing your journey of craftsmanship with Stompy Robots (and more!) with us! A Happy New Year to you all, 2018 has been great and 2019 will be even better! Personally I'm off to a running start and want to offer you the same;

Short Term Offer - Private Coaching with Linc! Please read on for more details.

It's difficult for me to be accessible at all times and could only offer personal coaching for a short time in 2018 - so many new projects kicked off. 

I want to offer as much as I can and help as many people as possible. A couple of old friends have approached me again for personal coaching. Looking at my schedule, this is probably something I can do for at least Q1 2019 until Shizuoka Hobby show when things start getting crazy again. 

Here's my outline so far, tweaked a little from last time.

  • All the above (please see Patreon for the list of benefits)

  • Plus you get one full hour of personal feedback time via video chat on a monthly basis. Send me current work in progress photos and I will Photoshop in my suggestions for improvements and write up a list of next steps and product suggestions. This will allow us to maximise the potential of your Virtual Coaching hour.

  • To make an appointment please send me an email to lincoln@paintonplastic.com or send me a private message here on Patreon or through our Discord). 

How you use your 1:1 time with me is your choice. You'll have full access to my life's work experience, Japan studio experience, countless hours working alongside Kow Yokoyama Sensei and Max Watanabe. We can focus on next steps for your current project, buying choices and product selection. Planning your colour scheme, vignette and diorama composition and of course weathering strategies and steps. How you choose to use your time with me is up to you!

Please contact me via email if you'd like to know more and if you mash the button, wait until January so you don't get charged for December - I want you get to get full value. 

More about me here; http://bit.ly/LincBio

My Patreon Account here; https://www.patreon.com/paintonplastic

Many thanks as always for your support that allows this content to exist and benefit so many people. Here's to a big 2019 for all of us.