New partnership with Little Robot in Perth!

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Hi folks, I don't expect everyone to be on all of my platforms so a special share here for my supporters. 

Wonderful mention, news and partnership with the awesome folks at Little Robot! We met up at GBWC 2018 Australia and I was super impressed with both the Little Robot team and their amazing community. So much enthusiasm, they travelled across the breadth of Australia - it's a 5hr flight! - to attend the event - wow! 

Instantly I could see why their level is already so high - passion, humble with a sense of fun and a willingness to listen, learn and improve. You just can't ask for better in your community!

So when the owner approached me after the event to collaborate, it was an instant yes and am super excited to support Little Robot and their community as much as I can whilst also learning from everyone along the way - I want to make myself worthy of this honour. 

Here's their mention;

IT'S OFFICIAL!!! We are super excited to have Lincoln Wright from Paint on Plastic join the Little Robot team! The Event in September is a fantastic opportunity for Lincoln to meet our awesome community and for our community to learn from an industry professional. 

Lincoln Wright was born in Australia and grew up in Tokyo, Japan. An obsession with robots and model airplanes came together with the discovery of Gunpla, Macross and Maschinen Krieger (Ma.K) in Akihabara in the 90s. 

Lincoln has worked with Kow Yokoyama Sensei as a studio model artist and writer for the Maschinen Krieger property with Hasegawa, WAVE Corporation and Model Graphix for the Ma.K Profile Series. Max Watanabe invited Lincoln to collaborate on the long running series “Ma.K in SF3D” by Hobby Japan. 

Additionally, Lincoln has worked extensively with the publishers of The Weathering Magazine and is a brand ambassador for Ammo of Mig Jimenez, Hobbyco Australia, WAVE, Sparmax and Gaia Notes Paints.

The event mentioned is published here;

Would be excellent to meet up with those of you in Perth!!

Thanks for reading and now, back to the Grimoire Paint video - will have it ready this week!