Sydney Day Trip to HobbyCo!

Quick day trip down to Sydney to meet up with my friends at HobbyCo. 

I took a very early flight down and went for a lovely walk past the ANZAC Memorial, Hyde Park and the Botanical Gardens to Sydney Harbour and the Opera House. 

Back through the main shopping area spotting places Tomoe (my lovely wife) will enjoy visiting together next time. 

The fanciest Banana Bread ever and then a tour of Australia's BEST hobby store - it's truly an amazing, world class store and that's even after being spoiled by Akihabara!

Excellent collection of Ma.K kits, AMMO paints and all the Japanese Hobby goods I need for making things happen. Super impressed and a must visit when in Sydney.

The Tabs (our daughter) wanted a Darlek and 11th Doctor for her little Figure collection, Dad Win right?

Thanks for looking!

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