PoP 07 Stinky's "Pinkman" featuring Ken and Lincoln Wright

"Let's keep it short today" and we had the longest show so far!! You were all on fire, thanks for making it such a great show!!

Biggest topic we covered was how the Patron Group is exploding now and turning into a cool, digital subscription club. We've grown 30%, yes almost a third in the past 3 weeks!


We covered Contests for the Grimgerde and a possibility for the Ma.K AMMOknight to be Prize - details in the video and coming soon here; 


The PoP Facebook Group is growing in leaps and bounds, just raced past 600+ members!, Please join us here and mention "saw the PoP Show with Stinky Linc and Ken!"


We did a quick Unbox and talk through of the "Pinkman" kit by Luca Z of Kallamity, more photos here;


The feedback for the Decal 101 video has been excellent, if you missed it you can check it out here;


Thanks again for the great show guys and see you again next week, same time and place!

Stinky Linc